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Afghanistan War and Peace Effects Essay

Afghanistan War and Peace Effects Essay

The Effects of War and Peace on Foreign Aid (Afghanistan)

Afghanistan has suffered from effects of war for more than three decades. The war destroys the country’s economic progress. Consequently, the nation’s economy almost came to the verge of collapse. In this respect, for a long time Afghan economy is dependent on foreign aid. Over the last two decades, major part of gross domestic product in Afghanistan was generated through international assistance (Dogan, 2014, p.2). Lack of peace adversely affects the growth of economy; hence, the nation diverts development funds to countering wars. From 1979 to 1989, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, after which civil war break up (Cordesman, & Mann, 2012, p.5). Ultimately, Taliban regime followed until 2001. United States of American launched Operation Enduring Freedom following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. These wars increased poverty and insufficient political unity in the nation. Insecurity, bad governance, instability and high levels of corruption are products of war. Therefore, wars do not have any benefit as compared to peace, which promote co-existence, development and ensure stability (Kremer, Lieshout, & Went, 2009, p.11). Despite huge foreign aids in the last decade, the living standards of Afghans have not changed.

In the current regime in Afghanistan, the security, and economy show signs of recovery due to periods of peace. The underlying factor of economic recovery is huge sums of funds from foreign assistance/aid (Dogan, 2014, p.2). The funds expenditure caters for improvement of agricultural and service sectors across the nation. Nonetheless, the conditions have not yet improved because Afghans are still one of the most impoverished people in the world (Cordesman, & Mann, 2012, p.9). War caused displacement of population that caused internally displaced persons. Foreign aid has not catered for shelter or housing improvement particularly in areas with many internally displaced persons (Lancaster, 2012). In addition, fo

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