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Essay on Adolf Hitler political journey in 1919

Essay on Adolf Hitler political journey in 1919

Becoming a Politician

Adolf Hitler started his political journey in 1919 after he became a member of the German Workers Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpei). In the 1920s, the party adjusted its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nagorski 13). The new party was commonly referred to as Nazi Party. Due to his charisma, Hitler rose to senior positions within the party. For instance, he had exceptional speaking skills and with a company of similar peers, they advocated for utilization of violence to accomplish their political goals. The Nazi party was also opposed to post-World War I treaties such as Treaty of Versailles. It advocated for anti-Semitism and Pan-Germanism. Since he was a brilliant speaker, he pressurized on other members to install him as the leader of the part (Kirsch 12). Consequently, in 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor by then President von Hindenburg.

The Emergence of Nazi Party

In an election held up in 1928, the Nazi party won less than 3 per cent of the vote and only 12 seats in the Parliament. In 1929, the European economy was adversely affected by the Great Recession, which occurred after the collapse of American Stock Exchange (Nagorski 17). The US demanded all its foreign loans, which significantly damaged Germany’s economy leading to devastating unemployment. In 1930, Bruning decided to reduce the wages and expenditure of government as well as une

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