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The Cycles of Addiction essay


The Cycles of Addiction


Drug abuse has become rampant in the contemporary society where most people including children have become addicted. However, most of the children opt to start taking heroin, cigarettes, alcohol, khat and cocaine, among others due to parental neglect, peer pressure and lack of hope in their lives. This paper pays high attention to the scenario of john who started using cocaine, as a result, of influence from his friends and parental neglect. Moreover, the signs and symptoms that he experienced and the services that he could undergo in order to overcome from cocaine addiction are also discussed.

Signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse

The signs and symptoms that John experienced are classified into four broad categories that included mood, behavioral, physical and psychological symptoms. Mood symptoms include fear, restlessness, feeling of superiority, panic anxiety among others. Behavioural symptoms include violence, abandoning of hobbies that he used to enjoy, borrowing and stealing of money, extreme talking, and reduced sense of judgement. Physical symptoms include malnutrition, constriction of blood vessels, decreased appetite, muscle twitches, dilated pupils, tremors and cravings. Psychological symptoms include hallucination, lack of motivation, violent mood swings, intense paranoia, rationalization of drugs and psychosis (Lowinson, 2005).

Drugs that john abused

John began abusing drugs at the age of 17 years after joining high school; he started smoking cigarettes, alcohol and later advanced to using cocaine. During the end of his third year, he was totally addicted to cocaine.

Services that can help John to overcome addiction

Most addicted children can over cocaine addiction through advice from parents, teachers and counselors. Moreover, they can be referred to intensive rehabilitation centres followed by close monitoring from their parents. These services differ from those that can be given to adults in that, the latter are mostly in working class and, therefore, would require services that could provide time to attend for their other duties such as workplaces. Among the services that could be bestowed to adults include outpatient rehabilitation among others (Platt, 2001).


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