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Adam Aircraft Case study analysis Essay

Adam Aircraft Case study analysis Essay

Adam Aircraft Case study analysis

The Adam aircrafts were designed and manufactured by a company founded by Rick Adam, the owner of a successful software development company (Adam Aircraft Case, 4). The company is famous for designing the Adam 500, a piston powered light aircraft and the Adam 700, a very light jet. The company, famed for having made the fastest development and manufacture of a light aircraft in history (Adam Aircraft Case, 11).

The Federal Aviation Authority heavily regulates the light aircraft industry in the United States of America. The requirements for an aircraft’s certification for commercial productions are notably higher (Adam Aircraft Case, 7). However, Rick Adam had the foresight to take up the investment opportunity with a view of meeting the demand for an air taxi system in the American airspace. According to Dr Bruce Holmes, a leading scientist with NASA, the 5000 regional airports in the United States of America are greatly under utilized. Only major airports used by commercial airlines dictate the airspace (Adam Aircraft Case, 9). To expand the capacity of the air traffic system, the production of light aircrafts would be a viable business venture with business people using these light aircrafts and regional airports to a greater extent (Adam Aircraft Case, 9).

Rick Adam studied the viability of the aircraft design and manufacture to meet the financial, technological and market requirements for a successful light aircraft manufacture. Beech Corporation designed and manufactured the Starship with the guidance of Burt Rutan (Adam Aircraft Case, 2). The Federal Aviation Authority certified the Starship after five and a half years at a budget of $300,000. Due to the technological advances at the time, the final product was much heavier and more expensive than earlier envisaged (Adam Aircraft Case, 2). The project was cla

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