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Access to Healthcare for the Mentally Ill

Access to Healthcare for the Mentally Ill

Premise: Access to Treatment of Mental Health Illnesses among the Underprivileged

Problem Statement

The problem statement can be improved by clearly defining the problem and other items that need to be discussed in the section of the problem statement. Firstly, the specific groups and individual that are experiencing the mental illnesses will be identified, objectives and the vision, alternative courses of actions, and the environment to which the problem pertains. This research proposes to address the challenges of accessing treatment among the mentally ill patients who are underprivileged in the United States. They include the mentally ill suffering from depression and anxiety among the poor, illiterate, unemployed, immigrants, women, and minority communities such as the African American and Mexican American. The vision of the entire research will be outlined in the problem statement. This involves outlining how the world would look like if the problem of healthcare access among the mentally ill suffering from depression and stress who are underprivileged is solved. The objective of the study will also be stated.

Additionally, alternative means for achieving the objectives were not mentioned in the initial problem statement. To improve it, at least two means that are available to achieve the stated objective will be outlined. On the other hand, environments to which the problem of access to healthcare for the mentally ill pertains will be clearly defined. Moreover, the method that will be employed to ensure healthcare services are accessible to all in the same proportions in the U.S. will be elaborated. Healthcare access is also a challenge to the poor, overweight, and immigrants (Loignon et al. 234). For instance, the poor in the U.S. are hardly insured and therefore do not get quality treatment on time (McBurney and White 201). Minority women and immigrants are other underserved and underprivileged groups in accessing quality healthcare services in the U.S. F

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