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A Social Commentary On Violence: Irréversible, Fight Club & A Clockwork Orange

A Social Commentary On Violence: Irréversible, Fight Club & A Clockwork Orange

Responses that are not formatted accordingly, not submitted as a Google Doc (but as a .docx or .PDF file), not titled in the format listed above, and not placed in the shared folder, will receive an automatic F.
Two (2) questions. Fifty (50) points each. One hundred (100) points total. Each answer must be a minimum of 250 words and the format of your paper must be 12pt Arial and single-spaced. Please rewrite the question in your response to identify the question that you are answering. You will be awarded 0 through 10 points based on the clarity and detail of your answer. Bullet points are not accepted and you will not receive any points if a question is answered in that format.
To reinforce your point(s) and to earn a higher grade per question, three (3) or more scenes must be referenced in each question, identify the timecode (ex: use 2m:10s-5m:10s as a time marker), and elaborate on the premise or action within each scene that you are referencing.

Please ensure that you observe the requirements of this response. This response counts for 5% of your semester grade. Deadline for is Sunday, November 14th by 11:59PM. Late submissions face a penalty of five (5) points per day after the deadline. Late submissions are not accepted unless permitted by the Instructor.

Please refrain from answering questions in a manner that compartmentalizes multi-part answers. Write your response in a manner that reads like a conversation, one that exhibits both your conversational tone and a writing style that displays a command of the topic(s) at hand. Use references accordingly and do so in a manner that supports your point(s). 

  1. “Violence” is a complicated issue. American films likely lead the world for body count. Think of all the disaster films, all the space-alien-invasion films, all the robots-gone-crazy films, etc. The effect of violence in American blockbuster films are aestheticised in a way that diminished its visceral impact. Genre filmmaking helps make sense of the world, creating codes by which the seemingly irrational ways of human behavior can be understood. With storytelling modes that travel from country to country — the crime picture, the horror film, the action movie — genres cross borders and barriers with audiences the world over. On-screen violence can be seen as an international language. This is a three-part question:

A) Is there something different about the portrayal and reception of on-screen violence in other countries to how we see and perceive it in America? Explain. Identify and define critical three (3) differences in the way violence is portrayed in the following films: Irréversible (2002), Fight Club (1999) and A Clockwork Orange (1971).

B) What is the connection between real life violence and media violence? Provide real life examples of violence imitating the media? Can “art” serve as a vehicle to educate the masses on the psychological impact of violence or is “art” a clever device to cloak the perverse and senationalist inclinations of the entertainment industry to condition the masses? Is censorship the answer? If yes, identify countries that succeeded in reinforcing the censorship of the media.

C) Would those measures work in our society? If you do not agree, explain your position and elaborate on why such laws would be difficult to enforce.

  1. Fight Club (1999) is a film by David Fincher. It is a disturbing movie which hits spectators with its philosophical radicality. Fight Club questions our obsessions, our phobias, habits, it shows how society is manipulated and influenced. The film takes us back to ourselves and to our conscience. The Club has eight rules which the first two are most important. First rule: it is forbidden to talk about Fight Club Second rule: it is forbidden to talk about Fight Club. These two rules convey the rejection of advertising and consumerism. It is worth considering the paradox of these rules, because in spite of themselves, the Fight Club becomes the slave system that is bent on fighting. This is a three-part question:

A) What is the message of this movie? Do you agree or disagree with it? B) Did you come to respect any of the characters in this movie? Who was it and why did you come to respect that character? C) What comment is the filmmaker trying to make about the culture of the characters in this story?

Lecture #004 – Violent Media & Its Psychological Effects
Objective: Identify critical differences in the portrayal of violence between European, American and Asian cinema. Analyze the characteristics of violent women in Contemporary Cinema. Discuss how the media influences violent behavior and impacts mental health in young adults. Social conditioning as a causality for violent behavior.
Instructional Media: (Videos For Lecture Response #004 – Violent Media & Its Psychological Effects)
Irréversible (2002) SD – Directed by Gaspar Noé [English Subtitles]
Fight Club (1999) HD – Directed by David Fincher
A Clockwork Orange (1971) SD – Directed by Stanley Kubrick

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