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A respectable woman Essay

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The union of marriage in 19th Century America was highly revered and as such a woman’s place in society was at home or by her husbands side if he so desired. In Kate Chopin’s short story titled ‘A respectable Woman’, one comes to meet Mrs. Baroda woman with a great deal of freedom in comparison with what one would commonly expect. This is in essence due to the fact that Mrs. Baroda is wife to a comfortable and wealthy man and as such is a wealthy and comfortable woman too. However, as the story progresses, one comes to the point where she is in conflict with what her physical body desires with what society expects of a respectable woman. This paper seeks to explore the concept of the new woman in an effort to establish whether feminism in America began in the late 19th Century.

Mr. Gaston and his wife Mrs. Baroda are a wealthy couple living in one of the numerous plantations in the Southern States of the US.  This is shown by their ability to host a great number of guests during the winter months. As such, Mr. Gaston is projected as a meek individual who has great respect for his wife such that she is free to voice her objections against affairs re

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