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A Leader: Angela Merkel Essay

A Leader: Angela Merkel Essay

A Leader: Angela Merkel

Describe, identify or name the leader.

Angela Merkel has emerged victor in Germany’s democratic elections cementing her position as one of the country’s most resilient leaders. She has overcome such biases as gender and a lack of charisma to emerge as Europe’s de-facto chief (Beckwith, 2015). The current German Chancellor was born in East Germany’s Templin region to Horst and Herlind Kasner (Gibbs, 2015). She is presently married to Joachim Sauer. She has no children of her own.

The leader’s background or history

Angela Merkel is a well-educated leader. She earned her first degree in 1978 from the University of Leipzig (Beckwith, 2015). Eight years later, she graduated from Berlin’s German Academy of Sciences in 1986 with a PhD in Quantum Chemistry. Given her fascination with the sciences, it is unimaginable that Angela Merkel would have chosen a pathway towards political leadership in Europe’s largest nation and economy (Beckwith, 2015). However, the prospect of participating leading change, reconciliation, and reconstruction in a unified Germany must have inclined her to take an active role in German politics. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1990, Angela Merkel was the Democratic Awakening’s press officer (Gibbs, 2015). This was a political party with roots in Eastern Germany and it created a platform on which she earned the opportunity to serve in the pre-unification government of East Germany. As the spokesperson for this government, she gained the limelight necessary to ensure election into the Bundestag in the first ever elections of a unified Germany.

Why do you believe your choice is a leader?

I believe that Angela Merkel is a fitting description of what modern day society should consider a not only as a nat

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