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85th Texas Legislature Meeting Essay

85th Texas Legislature Meeting Essay

85th Texas Legislature Meeting


The Texas Legislature is 171 years old (Rottinghaus, Para. 1). It holds regular sessions every odd numbered year beginning on Tuesday at noon of the second week in January. However, Texas Legislature also holds a special session which in 2017 ran from July 18 to Aug 15. The 85th Texas Legislature session ran over 140 days from the second Tuesday of January 2017 to the 28th of May (Grissom et al., para. 1). Over the course of this period, numerous bills were actualized though many more descended into oblivion. It is worth noting that the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott is the senior most authority with the state mandate to convene the meeting. This essay discusses the accomplishments and misgivings on the 85th Texas Legislature meeting held this past spring.

State Budget

In the final weekend of the regular legislative session, Texas lawmakers approved the only mandatory bill, the state’s two-year budget worth an estimated US$216.8 billion (Grissom et al., para. 1). They also approved a US$2.6 billion supplemental spending bill to plug any occurring gaps in the budget approved in 2015 (Grissom et al., para. 3). According to Grissom et al., the bill approved by the lawmakers also included US$1.6 billion from federal coffers as well as US$1 billion from state funds to equalize the budget (para. 3). During the session, the chambers failed to make any grounds to slowly phase out the margins tax. However, the lawmakers blocked a bill sponsored by Giovanni Capriglione seeking to aggressively invest US$11 Billion from the Texas state savings account (Grissom et al., para. 4). This money represents the rainy-day fund that most states in the U.S. develop to use in times of emergencies.

Legislations Undertaken Regarding Schools

To streamline the state’s education sector, the legislators agreed to

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