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Are you also wondering how you can quickly improve your essay writing skills? If yes, then don’t worry since we are here to help you improve your writing essay skills in a much easy and quicker way. Basically, a vast number of people are looking for helpful information on how they can perfect their essay writing skills without success. So, where should one start? Well, in order to master anything in life, you have to practice more. But what should you practice? And how should you practice it?

In his book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell stated that to be an expert in a particular thing, you need at least ten thousand hours of practice. However, if you are here just to improve your essay writing skills, then you don’t have to worry about ten thousand hours. It will be much faster since we will equip you with some simple essay writing skills. These skills will, in return, help you master every aspect need in crafting the best academic essays.

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills
5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Basically, academic essay writing is a skill anyone can learn by simply mastering some of the basics needed in essay writing. Of importance to note is that an academic essay should provide a concrete, debatable thesis that is supported by enough and relevant pieces of evidence. Such pieces of evidence may either come from your own research work or other relevant sources. Also, most research work is expected to follow some standard set of guidelines.  However, with some of these basic academic essay writing skills, you will be able to craft a valuable and persuasive essay paper even when you have limited time.

Make A Clear Outline Of What You Are About To Write

Even before you start writing your paper, it’s of significant importance to know exactly what you are going to write. Therefore, the easiest and the perfect approach should be to narrow down a thesis and then craft a brilliant argument. This way, you will be able to create a basic outline before you can even start writing your academic paper.

Generally, the basic and the accepted structure of an academic essay should include the following elements; A clear and concisely written introduction that should include the research question or thesis. It should also have a body. The body should have separate paragraphs discussing several pieces of evidence that will support your thesis. There should also be a conclusion that ties all the ideas together and connect them to your research question. Also, when it comes to the number of pieces of evidence you should include in your academic essay paper. An excellent guideline is to add at least three concrete ideas that clearly support your thesis. 

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills
5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Have A Concrete Understanding Of Basic Grammar, Punctuation, And Style

If you want your essay paper to be taken seriously by most of the reader who comes across it, then you need to make sure that your grammar, punctuation, and style are all incredible and up to the standard. So, before you can even start writing your essay, make sure that you have a concrete understanding of basic grammar. Generally, grammar basics comprise of subject and verb agreement, proper pronoun and article usage, and well-structured sentences. Also, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the proper usage of the most common practices of punctuation. Of importance here, try to be mindful of how you use commas and also know where and when to use full stops.

Additionally, in academic essay writing, you also need to pay great attention to voice. Always try to use active voice at all costs and avoid the use of passive voices. The use of active voice will contribute much as it will help to make your essay stronger. Also, ensure that your language is concise and that you avoid the use of words that don’t add any value. Or fluffy words that detract from your argument.

Use The Correct Vocabulary

In academic essay writing, how you use your language is very important. Therefore, whenever you are writing an academic essay, always remember that you are trying to coax others that you are a skilled person who can make a thoughtful argument. At times, the use of big words just to sound like an intellectual often result in the opposite. It’s usually effortless to detect when a person is overcompensating in his or her writing.

This thus means that, if you aren’t sure about the exact meaning of a particular word, avoid at all costs to misuse it as this may create more confusion.  More so, the use of obscure language may, at times, take away the clarity of your argument, leaving your readers in darkness. It’s thus even better to use simple language that any reader can clearly understand instead of using words that make no meaning.

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills
5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Understand The Argument Fully And Critically Analyze The Available Evidence

Whenever you are writing an academic essay, you should have in mind the main argument. Even though this might be somewhat attempting to go off the line about a fascinating side note of your topic. Taking such an approach can make your writing less concise.

It’s thus advisable to always question any available evidence that you add in your essay. Try to ask yourself, “Does this evidence directly support my research question or thesis?”  If the answer happens to be “No,” then that evidence should be omitted.

Additionally, it’s also very wise to be thoughtful and thorough whenever you are evaluating pieces of evidence to include in your academic essay. This is because, as a researcher, you want to use the most substantial pieces of evidence to support your thesis. Therefore, make sure that anything you include in your essay has a clear connection to your argument and topic.

Learn How To Craft A Brilliant Conclusion That Support Your Study

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills
5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

The conclusion is one of the most ignored sections when it comes to academic essay writing. Basically, your well-crafted conclusion is what ties your research together so that it can fit to prove your thesis. Also, of importance here to note is that your conclusion shouldn’t be a copy-paste of your research question itself or a restatement of your introduction.

Usually, an excellent conclusion correctly outlines the main pieces of evidence that have been discussed in the body section of an essay. It also ties the research question or thesis to show how such pieces of evidence disapprove or approve the main argument of the research. In fact, over the years, countless excellent essays have been considered worthless simply because they have a weak worded conclusion.

Final Thought

With the above tips, we are confident that you can now come up with a brilliant academic essay paper. These tips will also help make the whole writing process straightforward, less overwhelming, and also save much of your time. However, if you find that you still have some issues crafting an A+ essay paper, you can always seek our help at Essayprowess.com, and we will be happy to give a hand.