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Health Policy and Management Essay

Health Policy and Management Essay

Health Policy and Management


Privately owned as well as public health care provision organizations are constantly seeking to device health policy and management systems that offer comprehensive, timely and universal healthcare services. Towards this end, health care policies and management systems are assessing critical feature of access to healthcare. These features include socioeconomic equity, geographical accessibility, organizational challenges, patient’s assistance seeking behaviors and ways for evaluating access. This paper seeks to present an annotated bibliography on health policy and management systems.

Dimick, J. B. & Ryan, A. M. (2014). Methods for Evaluating Changes in Health Care Policy: The Difference-in-Differences Approach. JAMA. 312(22):2401-2402.

In the past, observational studies have been employed in an effort to make evaluations on changes in results related to the implementation of healthcare policy. However, a significant drawback with observational studies relative to this framework is the requirement to manage for backdrop changes in observed r

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