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2011 Public Safety Realignment Legislation Essay

2011 Public Safety Realignment Legislation Essay

2011 Public Safety Realignment Legislation

The 2011 Public Safety Realignment Legislation came in to effect on the 1st of October 2011with the primary purpose to reallocate public safety duties from state governments and more so increase the ability by local jurisdictions towards the management of the increasing number of low level criminal offenders in the country. This legislation offers member centers and communities with the opportunity to collaborate with local law enforcement agencies and involves a greater level of sovereignty with regard as to how the legislation will be effected in each and every county.

This has been viewed by the criminal justice official as one of the most radical reforms in the criminal justice system in the last three decades. In the state of California, this legislation will effectively transfer the duty of providing services such as supervision and incarceration of adult criminal offenders from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in California to the nearly 60 specific counties in the state. This will be done through the partnership between county and city departments collaborating with developmental partners in ensuring safe and effective realignment reduce the occurrence of recidivism cases and ultimately improve on the outcomes in individuals, their families and the community. It is worthy noting that the enactment of this historical legislation in California’s history has placed

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