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Essay writing isn’t an easy task for every student out there, several students struggle to make sense of their essays, but unfortunately, they can’t. First and foremost is the fact that essay writing is categorized into three distinct parts; introduction, the body, and the conclusion part. Moreover, there are also other three key features found in all academic work that you should not miss; that’s logic, order, and organization.However, the good news is that, due to technological advancements over the past few decades, we now have access to a countless number of essay writing apps and tools. Therefore, with such apps, you can take your essay writing to another level.

These tools and apps are designed in such a way that it helps students complete their projects and assignments with ease. Moreover, they are also useful for all other forms of writing, for instance, blogs, press releases, reviews, article writing, technical writing, and many more. Therefore, without very much ado, below are some of the incredible essay writing apps with exceedingly high performance, design, and quality.

13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try
13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try

Focus Writer

Have you ever heard about this writing app? If not, then here is everything you should know about a Focus writer. First and foremost, this is a free writing app that you can have an experience of. The best part about it is that the program runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Additionally, it comes with live document statistics that regularly check on your word and character count.

Therefore, with the aid of this writing tool, you can unarguably create a mistake-free essay that you can later save it as a text in RTF format. Hence, for most writers, this is an excellent alternative for MS Word more so because it is a free app, unlike MS Word.

Also, its ability to save documents in RTF format is another plus to this writing application. This is so based on the fact that a large number of word processors can read the saved documents. Thus, fit for all dedicated students and other types of writers like bloggers.

Evernote: Essay Writing Apps

Evernote is yet another famous essay writing app among the students. In the recent past, many students have realized the importance of using Evernote for all forms of writing. Notably is the fact that students can use this particular app for various tasks. Therefore, this is one of the long-standing and note-taking writing tool that has helped several students upgrade their writing skills.

For academic writing, Evernote allows you to create an easily searchable folder of PDFs, assignments, notes, and projects.

Therefore, with the aid of this writing application, you can easily produce full drafts of essays, write notes, articles, and many more. You should also note that Evernote offers up to 60 MB of free space where you can write and save your documents on its free-plan.

However, for some students, the provided space is not enough. Hence, if you one of those students who do a lot of writing and research, then you can upgrade your storage space. However, the additional space is chargeable.

This then brings us to the three popular tiers of Evernote; the first one is basic- this is an app mostly used by students. The second one is Plus- this is a paid app with a yearly subscription of $34.99. Finally, the Premium which is also a paid application with an annual subscription of $69.99.

13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try
13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try


The Manuscript is yet another popular free essay writing app that enables you to write incredible essays, short stories, novels, reviews, and many more. Therefore, writing with Manuscript has made writing an easy and enjoyable task for most students. Unlike other writing apps, Manuscript does more than writing as it can check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Additionally, it helps you correct the layout of your essay, compound words, highlights abbreviations, and find numerals in the middle of the sentences, etc. Furthermore, Manuscript works perfectly with MS Word in case you would like to import or export files. It is thus essential for all academic requirements like citations and abbreviations.

With all the above-discussed features, therefore, Manuscript has proved useful for all academic work with a robust academic appeal.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid makes writing beautiful, and that is why it is one of the mostly-used essay writing apps found in the writing industry.  This is a cloud-based editing tool mostly used by copywriters, essay writers, bloggers, fiction writers, assignment writers, and even article writers. For writing purposes, Pro Writing Aid helps you edit your grammar, punctuation, eliminate errors, and to find other issues in your writing.

Therefore, the main objective of using this app is to help you improve your writing as well as readability. Moreover, you can use it on MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, Scrivener, and API.

There are two types of ProWritingAid that you can choose from. First is the free ProWritingAid online editing tool that allows you to access more than 20 in-depth writing reports carrying up to 500 words each as well as uploading your documents. The other one is the Premium app, with a monthly subscription of $20 or $79.00 per year.


Grammarly is yet another must-have essay writing app that gives you the best writing experience ever. It helps you improve the quality of your writing by checking on misspellings, punctuations, grammatical errors, and other writing issues. Moreover, Grammarly is compatible with other applications such as MS Word, Android devices, and Chrome, just to name a few.

With Grammarly also, there is an online Grammarly Proofreader that automatically detects style mistakes, punctuation, spelling errors, grammar, and word choice in your work. Additionally, it also checks for plagiarism by comparing your work with millions of other web publications. This helps you to come up with original and plagiarism-free work.

There are two versions of Grammarly, that’s the free version and the premium version. However, the free version of Grammarly is common among the students, bloggers, and other writers since it pocket-friendly. It is also popular because as much as it is a free version, it contains some of the essential features of Grammarly Premium, like an advanced grammar checker, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and an advanced plagiarism detector. Hence, why pay more while you can use the free version? Get one now for yourself.

Coggle: Essay Writing Apps

Coggle is a handy app that is designed to display interesting and original ideas in an organized manner. Bearing in mind the key features of essay writing, i.e., logic, order, and organization, Coggle helps you to expand your original ideas into topics, sub-topics, and then building the entire essay.

Thus, it helps you save different versions of the same idea. Thus, commonly used by students as it boosts one’s creative mind. Additionally, Coggle allows you to color-code paths, thus, helping you come up with unique but straightforward diagrams with less effort needed.

13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try
13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try

Therefore, in short, this is a mind-mapping app designed explicitly for brainstorming writing and drawing connections between ideas. A free version of Coggle is available with several unlimited public maps and up to 3 private maps. Hence, for the paid versions, you will have to commit yourself to a monthly subscription of $5. For this package, you are guaranteed unlimited private mind maps, additional formatting options, and other shapes.


If you are a dedicated writer with so much enthusiasm, then I recommend Hemingway app for all your writing purposes. This is one of the apps that help you make your writings more comfortable to read as it removes all the unnecessary things from your essays. For instance, too wordy sentences, passive voice, complex sentences, and adverbs.

Essay writing without the use of such tools can be disastrous because making sense of un-edited work can be hard based on the fact that sometimes thoughts and ideas may come out of our minds in a jumble. Thus, the Hemingway app helps you to create constructive sentences and make the jumble ideas understandable through editing.

Hemingway works in such a way that it highlights areas that it thinks should be removed or fixed. Whereby next to every highlight, the app will give suggestions for improvement. Additionally, Hemingway displays some of the important statistics about your essay that includes estimated reading time, readability, and word count.

As an online editing app, the desktop version of Hemingway enables you to publish directly to different Web sites such as WordPress. With this, you can also export your written essays as Word Doc, PDF, HTML, and Markdown.

What else are you waiting for? Get this app and take your essay writing skills to another level. The Web version is free, but if you need the desktop version, then they are available at $19.99.

13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try
13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try

Canva: Essay Writing Apps

Essay writing is not only limited to texts, but it also entails several other things like statistics, graphics, and presentations. Canva app is one of the apps that help come up with professional-like designs of your writing apart from texts. By so doing, it saves all your creative work in the cloud.

This is useful for both professionals and novice; hence, you don’t have to worry if you have never used it before. With just little skills, you can be able to create beautiful designs in a much-organized manner.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is an essay writing program that has gained popularity over the past few years due to its effectiveness in creating, reviewing, and revising your work whenever a new idea or inspiration strikes. Therefore, with the aid of this tool, essay writing has become easy as it makes your work look great, organized, clean, and well structured.

Notably, this is a free essay writing program, thus, available for everyone with no limitations. Due to this reason, therefore, LibreOffice is an incredible word processor option that is readily available for people looking for a free alternative of MS Word.

Some of its features include;

  • Works perfectly with a huge number of file formats
  • Clean and sophisticated word processing layout.

Therefore, with these features, LibreOffice Writer is an excellent tool for all forms of writing, for instance, Master thesis, technical paper, financial reports, and many more.


Quetext, on the other hand, is a plagiarism checker tool and a citation assistant that uses advanced natural language processing to compare your work to several other documents found in the Web. It thus highlights areas with potential plagiarism in your paper. Hence, with the aid of a quetext app, you can easily come with original, plagiarism-free essays as it helps you avoid duplicated work.

As we all know, plagiarism is a serious offense, especially in academic essays. Therefore, never let plagiarized work make you an academic failure while you can clear the mess with a quetext app.

But, in case you need help or tips for writing plagiarism-free essays, don’t hesitate to check on our website “essayprowess.com” for some helpful information.

13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try
13 Amazing Essay Writing Apps You Should Try

Hubspot’s Topic Generator

Do you have problems coming up with topic ideas? If yes, then Hubspot’s Topic Generator is a handy app for you. With this, you can come up with thousands of new ideas in seconds. All you need is to input at least three nouns on the search bar, and you get everything you need.

The best part about it is that it is a free app, thus pocket-friendly for most students. Students like it as it helps you in time when it is impossible to come up with new content. What are waiting for? Download it now and enjoy it, it is that easy.

Writer: Essay Writing Apps

The writer is a digital word processor that helps you keep your writing simple and clear. Due to this reason, the free version of the Writer is prevalent among the students. The app is designed in such a way that it focuses on writing first. Just like MS Word, saving text documents in various file formats as well as exporting is also possible with Writer. Moreover, it has a beautiful way of selecting headers in a much quicker and more natural way.

Most importantly also is the fact that the app quickly displays useful information like date and time when the text was last saved or edited. In terms of version, there are two versions of Writer, that’s the free version and the paid version that features additional models at just $2.

Edit Minion

Edit Minion is yet another useful writing tool that helps you find too long or too short sentences in your essay. These include word homonyms found in the entire document. For students, Edit Minion helps them identify areas with passive voice and incorrect text abbreviations. With its advanced features also, you can simply learn more about synonyms and how to use them in a text.

Final Verdict

It is then evident that the writing industry has grown in the recent past, and thus, with all the above-discussed essay writing apps, writing has been made easy for several people. I hope this article will help you find an efficient app for all your writing purposes.

Moreover, if you are looking for more apps to help you write better essays, check on our Essay Writing apps and services. Trust me you will never regret trusting us with your work, whether you are a student or any other dedicated writer.