- Essay Prowess

Respond to the questions below (copy the question and answer each question using a short paragraph or two):

1. Did your final design prototype solve your design problem successfully? List top three reasons that make your project successful or unsuccessful. What would you do differently for your next project?

2. What have you learned about engineering design process and entrepreneurial mindset this semester? Write at least three sentences.

3. Summarize at least three skills you learned during the project construction weeks. Discuss how they could benefit you in future classes or help you get an internship.

4. During the first lecture of the course, we talked about the desired attributes of an engineer, a T-shaped engineer and entrepreneurial mindset (if you forget, go to the Lectures folder, see the ppt file “Course Introduction”), we practiced some of the skills during this course. What is your plan to improve the skills you learned or acquire new skills in the near future?